Parade Registration

 Welcome to the parade registration page. Please fill in the form by clicking here to register online OR…
scroll down.
Fields marked with * are required. We also require you to read the Parade Participant Waiver and either sign the form after printing it and sending it to us OR checking a box on the form stating that you have read the document and agree to the terms.  We will then register you and will assign a place for your entry in the parade line-up.
If you have been given a VIP letter then use that for the “Exception Code” on the form. 
The registration fee is $30.00.

If you elect to pay with a check, please send your payment to:

Pleasant Hill Fourth of July Commission
P.O. Box 23272
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Note that we publish a printed parade program listing all the participants in the parade. This program is printed up on June 21. Any entry registered after June 21 will not be included in this printed parade program.