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How can you be a part of the excitement?

It's easy – just look at all these Fourth of July activities taking place right here in Pleasant Hill. No need to leave the neighborhood, plenty of fun and events to fill your entire day. Check out all four of these great activities!

5K Runners

5K Runners

8:00 am –  Firecracker 5K Fun Run !

Start the day off with our early morning 'Firecracker 5K Fun Run'. There's a place for everyone in the family in our lineup. A 100 yard dash for the little ones, plus a 5K run for the bigger folk. Commemorative T-shirts, prizes, bragging rights, local school support, it's all right here for you. Check out the 5K menu item for all the details.



9:30 am –  The Parade !

What would a Fourth of July celebration be without a great parade? We have one of the greatest right here in Pleasant Hill. This hugely popular event travels right through the downtown area with floats, bands, marching units, with plenty of noise and music and excitement. Join your neighbors along the parade route and enjoy this free outstanding event.

Check out the Parade menu item for all the details.

Fun in the Park

Fun in the Park

10:30 am –  Fun at the Park !

Here is where it gets even more enjoyable and exciting. Immediately after the parade the fun begins at Pleasant Hill Park. Games, food, live musical entertainment, races, contests, educational displays, and many events to keep kids and grown-ups entertained for hours.

Check out the Park menu item for more details. Admission is free.


Fireworks at College Park

9:00 pm –  Fireworks !

And this is fireworks with a capital 'F'. The Pleasant Hill fireworks show is a dazzling spectacular that brings 'em back for more every year.This show continues to grow in both size and popularity, and is becoming the biggest crowd-pleaser in the county. Don't miss it – because on July 5 all your neighbors will be talking about it.

Check out the Fireworks menu item for details. Admission is free.